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The Mission of The Gallery at Stone & Spoon is to provide artists who are often marginalized (women, AAPI, Latinx, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+) with a fresh platform for activism, exposure, community engagement and education through art.


The Gallery at Stone & Spoon is a Downtown Ypsilanti creative epicenter which includes rotating art exhibitions, workshops, classes, meet-ups and more!


This space is on the second story of a beautiful 1850 historic building (above the shop), which you will enjoy as you make your way through Stone & Spoon that still showcases the building's original wood floors, tin ceilings and exposed brick walls.

Mobility note: Our beautiful 19th century building has no elevator, so all attendees will need to take a flight of stairs up to The Gallery. If you are unable to do stairs, but would like to see the exhibition, we will be posting a live video of the exhibition alongside the artist for an insider's perspective. This will be another great way to see these pieces!

For more information about The Gallery at Stone & Spoon, please visit our About page and feel free to contact Jen Eastridge, owner and curator, at StoneandSpoon(at)

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