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QUEER Art Exhibition Graphic

"QUEER: Celebrating Work by LGBTQIA Artists" 

opens on Friday, June 3rd and runs through Sunday, July 24th, 2022


This celebration of work is a clear example of how varied the work among our local LGBTQIA community is, and how unaware we are of the multitude of creative processes taking place daily. Whether it is handwritten in journals, painted on canvas, sewn into fabric, typed into Notes app, sung into a microphone or whispered into each other’s ears, our community of artists are out here, ready to put their work into the world, and we are here for it. 


Friday, June 3, 2022 from 5:00 to 8:00pm

All are welcome to enjoy this captivating collection - the opening night will even include three live performances! We hope you will join us!

As part of The Gallery's ongoing commitment to our community, 10% of all artwork sales during the Opening Reception on June 3rd will be donated to Ypsi Pride to help sustain its future.


This exhibition, “QUEER: Celebrating Work by LGBTQIA Artists,” holds a dear place in my heart. As a queer artist, business owner and curator, I have a deep passion and feel a special responsibility to provide a platform for others to show their work. To submit artwork for an exhibition is not only a risk which carries with it the chance of rejection (a fear all too familiar for someone who is queer), but it is an exercise of intimate vulnerability. One’s work is direct access and exposure to what makes the artist tick, feeding their life, their mind and their soul. For a queer artist, it is this very public gaze that can be a beautifully validating experience as well as a potentially dangerous one. Again, this real risk that may result in pain or pleasure is a familiar gamble…a familiar “coming out” to the world and growing into ourselves. 


Much of this work has been created within the last two years, which has been a strangely isolated time. Many took this as an opportunity to reflect and look deeply into what it means to be happy - peaceful - connected - fulfilled - authentic…what it means to just “be.”  Art is, of course, transformative in many ways, and always will be for so many reasons, but I have found that through art, people can show the world who they really are…who they have always been...and, for them, what it means to “be.”


Join me in celebrating this collection of eclectic work, and the brave LGBTQIA artists who created it. 




The Gallery at Stone & Spoon is Downtown Ypsilanti's newest creative epicenter which will include rotating art exhibitions, workshops, classes, meet-ups and more!


This space is on the second story of a beautiful 1850 historic building (above the shop), which you will enjoy as you make your way through Stone & Spoon that still showcases the building's original wood floors, tin ceilings and exposed brick walls.

For more information about The Gallery at Stone + Spoon, please visit our About page and feel free to contact Jen Eastridge at StoneandSpoon(at)

Mobility note: Our beautiful 19th century building has no elevator, so all attendees will need to take a flight of stairs up to The Gallery. If you are unable to do stairs, but would like to see the exhibition, we will be posting a live video of the exhibition alongside the artist for an insider's perspective. This will be another great way to see these pieces!