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Meditations on Transformation: The Art of Laurén Magda
Exhibition: February 3, 2023 - April 2, 2023​

"Meditations on Transformation: A Solo Exhibition by Laurén Magda" opens on Friday, February 3rd and runs through Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 in The Gallery at Stone & Spoon.

Meditations on Transformation is a collection of paintings by artist, Laurén Magda where she explores the vastness of what it means to be reborn. Rebirth can take place in many ways such as after healing, awakening, change or death. Laurén uses her signature bold line work, powerfully pigmented colors and mystical imagery to visually depict new concepts of a theme with a history as old as time itself.

Curator’s Note: On my first visit to Lauren’s studio, I was immediately taken by her warmth and the intensely personal nature of her work. As a self-described “intuitive painter,” Laurén follows the direction and designs brought to her through both, energy guidance while painting, as well as visions brought to her in dreams. These works vary in scale and shape, but I quickly realized the visual rabbit hole I found myself happily sliding down the more I looked at her work. Like a delicious bite of a complex, and well executed dish, I found myself going back for more. Each piece continues to unwind and reveal shapes, feelings and new connections with each taste and visit.

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