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Minumental Call to Artists

We are SO EXCITED! The Minumental exhibition is a NON-juried, tiny art exhibition where all works must be no larger than 2”x2” (2” cubed if 3-D). The artwork itself must be no larger than 2 x 2 (we will be measuring). The frames or mounting of each piece may be larger than 2", but the artwork ITSELF must be no larger than 2" in diameter. 

  • Each artist can submit up to 10 pieces,

  • EVERY piece must be HANG READY (we will not be taping things to the wall). It must be mounted or framed in a way that allows us to hang the work. 3D artists' work must be able to be displayed on a small pedestal which will be 4" square. We will provide the pedestals unless the artist chooses to provide an alternate display. 

  • EVERY piece must be FOR SALE - artists will receive 70% of each sale, where 30% will go to The Gallery at Stone & Spoon. Any commissions will be paid via check at the time of artwork pickup, on Monday, Dec. 18, 9-11am or 4-7pm. 

  • Each participating artist must send photos of their work and their intention to participate by Sun. Oct. 1, 2023 to

  • The ACTUAL artwork dropoff is Sunday, 10/29 from 6:00-8:00pm, and Monday, 10/30 from 3-7pm. No exceptions will be made for dropoff times due to the volume expected.

  • When dropping off artwork, the following must be attached to EACH PIECE (a piece of paper with Artist Name, Title, Medium, Price (including the 30% commission that will go to The Gallery at Stone & Spoon).

  • The Gallery at Stone & Spoon reserves the right to reject any works that are deemed unsuitable for the public gallery setting, and/or any works that don't meet the requirements.

  • The OPENING RECEPTION will be Fri. Nov. 3rd from 5-8pm. We like for all participating artists to attend the entire reception if at all possible.  

We can't wait to see your TINY ART. Feel free to email us your questions at

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