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The Gallery at Stone & Spoon was opened in November, 2021 by Jen Eastridge. Jen is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who integrates her fine arts background into her small gallery as well as her retail businesses by working in many ways with a growing collective of Southeast Michigan creatives. Born and raised in the Midwest, she recognizes that her experience as a queer woman and business owner comes with a responsibility to learn, open one's eyes and mind, and to welcome others to join her by opening theirs. 


Earning her degree in Museum Studies and Art History from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in the early 90’s left an ever-present “itch” to activate spaces in which she could provide artists fresh opportunities to bring their work to the world. The gallery has proudly hung work by over 30 artists, including first solo exhibitions by four women artists, Megan Foldenaeur, Sareka Unique, Anusree Sattaluri, and Lauren Magda. 

About Jen Eastridge and how it all started:
Gallery creator Jen Eastridge is an entrepreneur whose origins solidly begin in the arts. During her time at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, it was one of four museum schools remaining in the country, which led to an amazing experience while earning her degree in museum studies and art history. This was enriched by participating in, curating exhibitions for, as well as working in multiple galleries.

Fast forward, oh…let’s say almost 30 years, and Eastridge has worked her way through Corporate America, actively producing her own artwork, opening businesses (which includes the current two shops, Unicorn Feed & Supply and Stone & Spoon) and she finds herself in a building with a large, open and gorgeous space that begs for artwork. This also follows a year and a half of pandemic living, where engaging artwork in person fell to the wayside as everyone turned to survival mode. The entire world felt the impact in various ways, and the quintessential change of social behavior resulting from the requirement to “stay in” led to an “all-virtual” world when it relates to shopping, listening to music and looking at art, among other joys that create community. This is the moment when Eastridge knew how to use that beautiful space, and that The Gallery at Stone & Spoon was the beginning of reintroducing our friends and community to the amazing work of local artists, as well as creating and activated space for meetups, workshops and classes while being surrounded by artwork. This is how it came about, and this is The Gallery at Stone & Spoon.

Previous exhibitions can be viewed here.


Show idea submissions, questions and general “hellos” can be emailed to Eastridge at StoneAndSpoon(at)

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